Writing Jobs for Australian Writers

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Article Submission Sites

Finding that an article submission site only accepts American and British writers is extremely annoying. However, more and more of these sites want Australian writers. Here is a list of article submission sites that welcome writers from Australia:


Some freelance writers actually make a living by writing exclusively for Constant-Content, and it is possible to obtain high prices for articles here, even though the commission is high. Private Requests from buyers are also available, so you can also develop relationships with clients.

Constant-Content is famous for its perfectionism, and the application process is difficult. The editors expect excellent spelling and grammar, and they have been known to reject an article because of one misplaced comma. They often suspend writers from the site if they are not happy with the standard of their submissions.

The editors are helpful, although they can be blunt.


This site appears to pay writers quite well, however several writers find the system difficult and confusing. The first step is to apply for a specialty, such as Travel or Arts and Graphic Design. After this, you can pitch or apply for jobs. Even if you see a job, it may not be available for a day or two. As you can imagine, there is a lot of competition for jobs. Writers can also apply to be editors.

Scripted also holds Webinars for writers on interesting topics. It’s probably worth joining, if only for this reason.

Daily Article

Daily Article is another article submission site. It is similar to Constant-Content, but the pay is usually lower, and buyers of articles obtain the full rights. All articles must be approved by the editors.

I sold a few articles here years ago, and I am thinking of submitting some more soon. I am a bit surprised that the FAQ states that all writers to date have been American or Canadian! I prove that that’s wrong.

Love to Know

Love to Know
has a mixed reputation with writers. The pay is low, and I have read that several writers found the editors extremely demanding. The pay ranges from $15.00 to $50.00. Also, they expect their writers to submit articles often.

The application is also detailed. Writers are required to supply a detailed CV, their qualifications for the area of expertise in which they’re interested and two writing samples. Competition is tough, and many excellent writers haven’t heard back.

Job Sites for Australian Writers

There are several websites where you can find writing jobs. These include: Writer Find, au.indeed.com, Freelancer.com.au and theloop.com.au.

Do you know any good job sites for Australian writers?

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