Australian writers often get left behind, because so many websites are only devoted to American writers.  Several writing sites such as  only accept American writers.  I want to help Australian writers not to give up! You can find work on the Internet, as well as in print.  There are even job sites especially for Australian writers.

I also want to assist writers from all over the world with my blog posts, articles and eBooks. These will cover such subjects as drafting query letters, finding the best websites for writers, and how to use social media to your advantage.

My work has been featured on many magazines and websites, including Life in Italy, and Suite 101. My I have Law and Arts degrees, so I especially like to write about law, history and travel. My many services include composing articles, blog posts and eBooks at reasonable rates.

I love to travel as well as write, so you will soon see articles and photos about my travels in my travel section, “Travels with Lizzy”.  Follow me on my trips to Sydney, New Zealand, and other exciting places!